Call for video auditions of a scene of your choice.
Deadline to submit is April 23.

This could be your chance to tread the boards!

Loyalist City Shakespeare needs to be responsive to changing COVID-19 protocols. For this reason, we can’t do a big-cast, full production this summer (look forward to that in 2022!). Instead, LCS has opted for a Shakespeare Variety Show, a series of short scenes with small casts. This will provide a safer rehearsal process, and we’re also hoping that it will open up opportunities for more people—and new people!—to participate in the show.

We’re leaving the choice up to you: any scene, any play, any style.

What we’re looking for:

  • Short scenes: up to 10 minutes maximum
  • Small casts: up to 3 people maximum (this will allow individuals or small bubbles to rehearse together at their convenience)
  • Minimal performance needs (we’ll provide the stage and a few chairs or boxes; you provide your costumes and props)

There will be 5 performances in total, July 20-24. Our Shakespeare Variety Show will have a 90-minute running time and will be hosted by the Saint John Theatre Company; we will perform at their 112 Princess Street home. Send video applications by April 23rd to

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions that follow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • So I just pick something from Shakespeare? Anything?
    • That’s right. If you’ve always wanted to be Macbeth or Cleopatra or Richard III or Iago or Juliet, now’s your chance! Try a monologue, or grab a friend or two and develop one of the scenes. Or perhaps there are a couple of sonnets you’ve always loved or a song from a scene…


  • And only 3 characters per scene?
    • We’re limiting the casts to 3 actors to make it easier (and safer) for you to rehearse your scenes, and to ensure that you can get on and off the stage quickly during the performance. However, your scene might have 8 characters in it—but you’ll have to perform it with 3 or fewer actors!


  • What do you mean by “any style”?
    • One of the joys of Shakespeare’s material is it’s very flexible: the same play can be set in different times and places, and can be approached in various ways: is this an urban setting or something pastoral? Is this presented like a trial or a party, a dance or a fight? Is it natural or highly choreographed? The style will shape the characters and the meaning of your scene, and that is up to you!
      • Just remember, the staging will be limited, so the style will be developed by your performance, costume, and props, and not by the set or technology.


  • What kind of set will I have?
    • We will have a small, simple stage with nothing on it (basically a small version of many Renaissance stages); we will provide a few chairs and black wooden boxes that you can use to suggest a set. There will be some basic tech provided.
      • This is necessary because during the performance we will be moving quickly from scene to scene (a mere minute in between!), so simplicity is key!


  • What if I’ve never acted any Shakespeare before—or have never been on stage before?
    • Now is a good time to start! You’ll have some input from a Loyalist City Shakespeare director to help you. And you don’t need to learn a whole play—just a scene of your choosing!
    • If you are interested but want some help choosing a scene, reach out. We’ll work with you to find something that works for you!


  • How do I audition?
    • Send a video of your scene to us by April 23rd (Shakespeare’s birthday) to It doesn’t need to be fully developed. Just set up your plans with a short introduction, and read out the scene with feeling. We’ll be looking for potential and quality. We also need to know how long the scene is to build our 90-minute running time.


  • When would I hear back?
    • We hope to be able to make our choices by the end of April. We’ll be looking for good quality (or the potential for good quality!) and diversity (it’s not called a ‘Variety Show’ for nothing!), and we’ll have our 90-minute running time in mind.




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