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Auditions for Loyalist City Shakespeare’s
Hamlet at Place Fort La Tour


The production will be directed by Sandra Bell and will have 8 performances from 17-27 July 2024. This is an outdoor performance and can be physically demanding. Twelve actors are needed (some male, some female, some flexible):

  • Hamlet is already cast
  • 8 single roles: Horatio, Claudius (m), Gertrude (f), Ophelia (f), Laertes (m), Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern
  • 3 multiple roles: Ghost, Gravedigger, Player King (m); Bernardo, Osric, Player Queen; Marcellus, Player, Priest

Approach: a fast-paced, crisp 120 minutes (plus intermission) set in a stylized historic past. There will be swords, daggers, a skull, stylized dancing,

Auditions will be held at the Saint John Theatre Company (112 Princess Street) on:

  • April 13th Saturday  1:00-3:30
  • April 14th Sunday   1:00-3:30

Please come prepared with any speech from Hamlet (max. 35 lines); you do not need to have the speech memorized, but it should be familiar. You may also be asked to do a cold reading from the play.

Doors will open 15 minutes before auditions begin; those auditioning will then sign up for a 6-minute slot.

Rehearsals will start in late April, be interrupted mid-May, and restart in late May through to the July performance. They will be held 3-5 times per week (weekday evenings and weekend daytimes). A rehearsal schedule will be confirmed once all actors have been cast.

Questions? Please contact Sandra Bell at