A Christmas Carol Auditions

Auditions will take place for the November production of A Christmas Carol which will be staged at Imperial Theatre (November 20-23, 2019, and possibly November 24). Please note auditions are by appointment only. You can book your audition times at Audition Sides below.


Sunday, September 8 (1-4pm) | Tuesday, September 10 (7-9pm) |Wednesday, September 11 (7-9pm)

LOCATION: Auditions will take place at 112 Princess Street
PRODUCTION DATES: November 20-24, 2019
PERFORMANCES: Minimum 6 performances
REHEARSALS: Rehearsals begin in October and will take place on weeknights and weekends

A Christmas Carol

Written by Charles Dickens | Adapted by Bob Doherty | Directed by Dean Turner

This is a new adaptation by Bob Doherty of the classic Charles Dickens novella ‘A Christmas Carol’. Bob Doherty will be reprising the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Everyone else in the cast will be playing multiple rolls. Each cast member will have one or two primary roles and a number of minor roles. The ghosts – Marley and the 3 Christmas ghosts – will be 8 foot tall puppets controlled by one puppeteer inside the puppet. One person will do the voices from off-stage of all of the ghosts.

The cast will be doing all of the set changes, of which there will be many, so everyone must be physically able to move themselves and the sets quickly. We will be using a ‘mid-Atlantic’ accent as our default accent – think a cross between a CBC and BBC newscaster. The ability to do specialized accents such as Cockney or Scottish would be an asset. This is not a musical but an ability to sing and / or play piano would also be an asset. In particular, we are looking for a boy who can sing.

This show will be cast using the non-traditional casting method; all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds are welcome.

We are looking for 5 men, 4 women, 1 boy and 1 girl plus the one person who will be doing the voices of all of the ghosts. We also need 2 – 3 puppeteers – these are non-speaking roles but very physical.

We are looking for the ability of the cast to change characters, both vocally and physically. Everyone will be asked to read multiple roles during the auditions. Some of the role groupings may suggest an older or younger actor but an ability to play different ages would again be an asset.

Man 1 – primary role Bob Cratchit and Merchant #1
Woman 1 – primary roles Belle (fiancée of Young Scrooge) and Katherine (wife of Fred)
Man 2 – primary role Fred (Scrooge’s nephew) and Merchant #2
Woman 2 – primary roles Jane (sister of Belle), Mary (friend of Katherine) and Nell (servant)
Man 3 – primary roles Fezziwig (employer of Young Scrooge) and Old Joe (pawn broker)
Woman 3 – primary roles Mrs. Cratchit and Molly (servant of Scrooge)
Man 4 – primary roles Young Scrooge, Topper (friend of Fred) and Merchant #3
Woman 4 – primary role Martha (Cratchit daughter)
Man 5 – primary roles Peter (Cratchit son), Dick (friend of Young Scrooge)
Boy – primary roles Boy Scrooge and Tiny Tim
Girl – primary roles Fan (Scrooge’s sister) and Sarah (Cratchit daughter)
Voice of the Ghosts – voice of Marley, Christmas Past and Christmas Present

Audition Times:
There will be 40 minute blocks with up to 5 actors in each block. You will be assigned to a block for the audition day you choose as you register. In addition to the sides (see below) you are interested in reading, you may be asked to read other characters. You can book your audition times at:

There are multiple sides (see below). If you are interested in a particular role, you will be expected to read sides for each of your primary roles. You may read for more than one role. Again, we are looking for the ability to change characters, both vocally and physically.

Side #1 - Cratchit, Fred, Katherine, Scrooge

Side #2 - Cratchit, Scrooge

Side #3 - Fan, Boy Scrooge

Side #4 - Fezziwig, Young Scrooge, Belle, Jane, Dick, Scrooge

Side #5 - Belle, Dick, Young Scrooge

Side #6 - Mrs C, Martha, Peter, Sarah, Cratchit, Tiny Tim

Side #7 - Fred, Mary, Katherine, Topper

Side #8 - Old Joe, Nell, Molly, Scrooge

Side #9 - Merchant 1, 2 & 3

Side #10 - Marley, Scrooge

Side #11- Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge

Side #12 - Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge

Side #13 - Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge




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