Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders

The V.A.D. Theater | Kladno, Czech Republic

A parable about the lightness and darkness of coming of age and learning about the mysteries of life. This psychedelic journey towards the new life is inter-woven with music and playful theatrical scenes that take the spectator through mysterious landscapes of the world outside and within one’s own self.

Dark cabaret horror peep show. Duration: 60 minutes.

Written by Vítězslav Nezval. Directed by Jan Červený. Featuring: Dominika Šťastná, Marek Chalupa, Tereza Červená, Michal Hron, Jan Červený, and David Fencl. Video Director: Roman Rezek. Lighting: Václav Urban. Sound: Jiří Kazda. Projections/Visual Art/Costumes: Kateřina Špačková. Costumes: Helena Roušová.