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Main Stage Archives - 2011-2012


The Rocky Horror Show

September 29 - October 1, 2011 at Imperial Theatre
By Richard O'Brien

"I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey..."

 A night of trills, chills and lingerie.  On the way to visit an old college professor, two clean cut kids run into tire trouble and seek help at the strange house with a light, just down the road. Follow the adventure as Brad and Janet meet Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia and embark on a night that they will never forget!  

Bertis Sutton
Julian Devine
Jennifer McVicar

Frank Duguay

Kizzy Kaye
Marissa Rignanesi
Shane Magee
Chad Humphries
Robert Moore
Joanna Bryson
Kathryn Ann Keery
Lesley Dickson
Amy Ash
Kayleigh Beckett
Kelly Lawson
Pippa Wennberg
Adam Masson
Scott Green
Matt Hamilton

Production Team

Stephen Tobias – Director
Vincent Gregg – Stage Manager
Richard Kidd – Music Director
Jennifer Maybe – Choreographer
Karen Hatt – Assistant Stage Manager
Tina Ouellette – Head of Properties
Brian Goodwin – Technical Director / Set
Brenda McLeese – Costume Designer
Les Terry – Head of Construction
Darik Hatfield – Head of Lighting
Charmain Johnson - Head of Hair
Julie Lewicki - Head of Make Up
SSI Audio - Sound




























A Christmas Carol

November 7-19, 2011 at Imperial Theatre
By Charles Dickens

"Ever afterwards...he knew how to keep Christmas well"

Who doesn’t love the idea of a second chance? Get into the spirit of the season with a tried and true version of the Dickens classic. A cold hearted man rekindles his lost Christmas spirit after a magical visit from three ghosts. Embrace in the carols, choirs, dances, ghosts, beggars, businessmen and many laughs … remember how wonderful and simple the world can be? One of the best stories ever told!
(in alphabetical order)
Abigail Daley          
Adam Masson
Amber Arsenault
Andrea Cunningham
Ben Creelman
Bob Doherty           
Bob Vienneau
Brian Jennings                       
Caroline Bell
Christian Sears
Christina Crilley
Dean Turner
Doug Fillmore
Duncan Cunningham              
Elspeth Arbow
Gilbert Boyce
Heidi Bundschuh
Jack McCrossin
James Jeffrey
John Martin
Julianne Johnston
Justin Bell
Kathryn Ann Keery
Keith Dickson
Kelly Boyce
Kennedy McGeachy
Logan Cunningham
Lukas Shannon
Marilee Cunningham
Mary Boyce
Matthew Williams
Michael Arbow
Nathan McFarlane
Nicholas Jeffrey
Peter Boyce
Pippa Mugglestone
Rob Jeffrey
Sarah Spires           
Tina Ouellette
Victor Kindred
Production Team
Scott Thomas - Director
Neil Bonner – Assistant Director
Karen Hatt – Stage Manager
Kendra Murray – Assistant Stage Manager / Properties
Set Designer - Andrea Arbour
Brian Goodwin – Technical Director
Darik Hatfield – Lighting
Les Terry – Set Construction
Kizzy Kaye, Kathryn Ann Keery, & Jessica Magleave - Wardrobe Coordinators
KiKi Tanfara – Set Painting
Nadine Shalala – Makeup
Woody - Hair
Atlantica Centre for the Arts – Sound



The 39 Steps

March 22-24, 2012 at Imperial Theatre
Adapted by Patrick Barlow, from the novel by John Buchan

"Fated to be mated with the one man she hated!"

An Alfred Hitchcock spy thriller with a twist! An innocent man is on the run fleeing from a murder he did not commit, assisting a female counterespionage agent and finding himself landing in one extraordinary comical situation after another. Suspense, thrills, romance and laughs; something for everyone!

(in alphabetical order)
Keith Dickson
Neil Bonner
Sandra Bell
Scott Thomas
Production Team
Robert Moore – Director
Andrea Cunningham – Stage Manager
Leslie Patterson – Assistant Stage Manager
Vincent Gregg– Assistant Stage Manager
Kendra Murray– Assistant Stage Manager
Brian Goodwin – Technical Director
Peter Smith - Lighting
Corey Bonnevie - Sound
Sandra Donnelly - Costume Designer
Jennifer Craft - Head of Costumes
Nadine Shalala - Makeup
Cathy Hamer - Hair


 Romeo & Juliet

May 17-19, 2012 at Imperial Theatre   

by William Shakespeare                                                                                                                                                         

"My only love, sprung from my only hate..." 

Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who defy tradition and pursue their passion for each other in spite of the civil war between their families. One of Shakespeare’s best loved and most passionate plays comes to the stage in a highly physical production that will be marked by intense fight choreography, modern design concepts, and a driving musical score.

Lukas Shannon
Caroline Bell
Douglas Kelly
Michael Holmes Lauder
Johanne McGinnis
Alec Boudreau
Irwin Hornik
Lindsay Bell
Vince Gregg
Amber Arsenault
Ben MacKinnon
Sarah Spires
Chad Humphries
Dean Turner
Paul Lenarcyzk
Simon Paulin
Erica McGinnis
Ben Barton Creelman
Keltie Darrah
Marcelle Gaudet
Erica McGinnis
Kerry Shaw
Simon Paulin
Trudy Richardson
Tatyana Vautour

Production Team                                               Stephen Tobias –Director                                           Bill Duncan – Assistant Director                              Karen Hatt – Stage Manager                                    Mare Lewell – Assistant Stage Manager                    Brian Goodwin – Technical Director, Set                  Jean-Francois Gagnon – Fight Choreographer       Jennifer Mabey – Dance Choreographer                      Les Terry -  Head of Construction                           Darik Hatfield - Lighting                                        Corey Bonnevie - Head of Sound                           Brenda McLeese: Head of Costumes                        Alicia Scoville - Head of Makeup                          Chantal Pelletier - Hair                                             Tina Ouellette -  Properties




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 Learn more about the ATLANTIC REPERTORY COMPANY (ARC) an exciting new pilot project designed to develop a professional theatre residency program for emerging theatre artists!  

Fundy FRINGE Festival lottery open now; deadline is March 1, 2019! Visit: for application form and fee structure.

MANWATCHING February 20-23 at BMO Studio Theatre. A funny, frank and occasionally explicit insight into female desire, read out loud by an unprepared man. A Royal Court Theatre production. Tickets $32.50. www.ticketpro.caor 1-888-311-9090. 

THE CRUCIBLE March 20-23, Imperial Theatre.A passionate portrait of a community overcome by hysteria. Directed by acclaimed Canadian Director, Ron Jenkins. 1-800-323-7469 or

A MUSICAL JOURNEY WITH KYLA LINGLEY March 29 at BMO Studio Theatre. An evening of classical music with one of the most charismatic emerging artisits on today's classical music scene. Tickets $30. or 1-888-311-9090.


RICHARD KIDD JAZZ COMBO March 30 at the BMO Studio Theatre. An evening of live jazz with local musicians Greg Marks, Peter Kindred, Jonathan Kipping and Richard Kidd. Tickets $25. or 1-888-311-9090. 





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